Guardian by Courtney Cole: Cover Reveal




Guardian is a YA Paranormal romance novel undergoing new editing and a brand new cover!


Sometimes, things that go bump in the night are real. 


My name is Whitney Lane.  I’m sixteen years old and at first, I thought I was crazy. 


I kept seeing shadows move along walls, and hearing whispers around corners, but whenever I looked, there was never anything there.  


Until one day, there was. 


Our world isn’t what we think.  There are things around us, good things, bad things, scary things.  

Things that we tell ourselves aren’t real, but they are.   


They’re very real, and they’re terrifying. 


I’ve been swept up now, in a battle of good and evil, confused about love and what is supposed to be love, but isn’t.  I don’t know what to think anymore.  I can’t trust my emotions and I don’t know what is true.  


There’s only one thing I know for sure. 


Nothing is what it seems.

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