Sons of Sangue by Patricia A. Rasey


Author: Patricia A. Rasey

Gere: Paranormal, MC

Books currently in the series: 2 


The Sons of Sangue are a biker gang with a twist…they are vampires! This series give an interesting twist to a well used genre: you have donors, rival gangs, crazy ass primordials (you will figure out what these are if you read it!), action, humor and some extremely, sinfully SEXY men! All topped off and tied together by some pretty amazing romance! This series is a definite MUST read!


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 Patricia A. Rasey is giving away an e-copy of both Viper and Hawk!


Title: Viper (Sons of Sangue book #1)


I really enjoyed how the characters are slowly developed in a way that seemed to flow naturally and smoothly. The author’s writing style is wonderful and made it impossible for me not to get immersed in the story.” ~Becca




Title: Hawk (Sons of Sangue book #2)


“I have to say that in the span of this book I went from hating most of the MC boys (especially Hawk) to caring about their safety and their futures.” ~Becca



Title: Gypsy (Sons of Sangue book #3)




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  1. Lori Meehan says:

    I have both books. Viper is really good! I highly recommend it.

  2. […] and the author manages to turn things around for me…make me care about them. (Check out the Sons of Sangue series for an example.) Ryan is NOT one of those characters. I hated him from the first time we met him […]

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