The Redemption of Soul Dallas

Title: The Redemption of Soul Dallas

Author: Cara J. White

Published by: Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Date published: Jan. 27, 2015

Genres: Contemporary

Book Length: 

Steam Rating: Sweet

Main Characters: Soul & Lana

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“Cara J. White’s writing style is addictive. The way the story flows from page to page is so natural, so easy to follow that it drags you in without your knowledge. It hooks you and pulls you in deeper with every word read and every page turned.” ~Becca


Eighteen and homeless, Soul Dallas has more to worry about than what he’ll be doing this New Year’s. In a town where compassion is rare and malice plenty, he’s left for dead by a gang seeking revenge for his father’s debts.


When anxiety-burdened Lana provides him with shelter, she’s swept into his world of pandemonium where fear means fight not flight. Leaving behind her imprisoned life with an over-bearing mother, she learns of Soul’s shocking past and what it truly means to be alive. But when the gang closes ranks and Soul falls ill, finding a bright future seems futile.


Together Soul and Lana must seek reason behind an ally’s betrayal, a dead woman’s return, and the ruthlessness behind some people’s need for vengeance.


But the pair don’t always see eye to eye, and each have plans that could jeopardize everything.


The Redemption of Soul Dallas is the first YA book I have read in a very long time. I was nervous…I was antsy…I just wanted this book to be awesome!


The blurb is absolutely perfect and hooked me right away. After reading it I just knew that I had to read the book. When Cara offered me the chance to review it I was quick to say yes!


Damn am I glad that I got the chance! This book was wonderful! Quite possibly one of my favorite books so far and that is saying something!


It took me a bit to adjust to the European speech, but once I adjusted things flowed beautifully and I didn’t want to put it down!


The characters are perfectly developed and so realistic that I could easily picture myself meeting them, being a part of their lives and this amazing story. I couldn’t help but connect with Soul and Lana. I felt like such a part of the story that I hurt when they hurt, I cried when they cried and my stomach got that butterfly feeling as if I were about to experience my first kiss as they did. I can honestly say that I book has not made me FEEL so much in a very long time.




Cara J. White’s writing style is addictive. The way the story flows from page to page is so natural, so easy to follow that it drags you in without your knowledge. It hooks you and pulls you in deeper with every word read and every page turned. The Redemption of Soul Dallas is one of those books that I would recommend to everyone! The message within the love story is so meaningful, so important. I can’t think of a single person that wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.


The situation that Lana is in, the emotional issues that she is forced to attempt to overcome…it’s all so real. There are a lot of people out there dealing with very similar things.


Then we look at Soul’s life and the horrible things that he has to deal with. When Lana’s mother blames him for his living arrangement and for his being sick…lets just say that I wanted to hurt that woman even more than I did when I saw how she treated Lana! Not one single part of what Soul is going through is his fault and for anyone to even insinuate that it is…


Ugh…okay sorry see what I mean about the story and characters being written so realistically that you feel a part of it? I feel the need to defend Soul. To step in when Lana needs someone to tell her mom to shove it!


So anyways…I’ve done a decent job of rambling on and on about The Redemption of Soul Dallas. And yet…I did a great job of not letting you know what is going on in the story hehe :) Don’t want to spoil it for ya!


Just know that the romance is epic, a total MFEO if I’ve ever read one! The characters are beautifully written. The story line flows perfectly. And the ending…


Oh gosh…that damn ending!


I am still crying my eyes out over here every time I think about it


Where is my HEA?!?! Lol


The Redemption of Soul Dallas is such a wonderful book with characters so well developed that I felt like I knew them and grew to care for them. With every page I turned I found myself begging for more and worrying constantly over the outcome. Now that it’s over I want more…I need to know what happens next for Lana…I want Soul back!! #SoulDallas


In case you haven’t figured it out yet…this is a 100% HIGHLY recommended book! So as soon as it is out (JAN. 27TH!!) and on Amazon (and when I get a link to it I’ll post it here) you need to ONE CLICK THAT THING!




Writer of fanciful tales, person of magic and mysterious thoughts . . . Cara lives in Essex with her family and two cats. 


She has an obsession with cars and would love to rebuild a Trans Am. 


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Have you read a book that you adored and wanted to beat the author for the ending? lol


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