Entwined Series by Lilliana Anderson


Author: Lilliana Anderson

Gere: Contemporary, Mystery

Books currently in the series: 2



The Entwined series is a difficult one to sum up without spoilers! How about this:


The Entwined Series shows that the past is never too far behind you, and the future is more twisted than any of us could imagine…


Long time lovers + romance + suspense+ surprises = new adventures for all involved! Mia and Eric may be comfortable in their relationship now, but when things get a bit interesting their love is put to the test! When Cayd and Natalie are added to the mix all hell breaks loose!


Be prepared to be immersed in a story filled with sexual tension, mystery, action and romance. Don’t start this series unless you are prepared to finish it…I promise you won’t want to put it down! 




Title: Our Hearts Entwined (Entwined Book #1)


Our Hearts Entwined was interesting, captivating, dark, serious, unique, intriguing, weird, and totally awesome!” ~Becca



Title: Our Lives Entwined (Entwined book #2)


“Our Lives Entwined is totally worth reading if for no other reason than to get some closure and find out where each relationship leads!” ~Becca


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