Try by Colbie Caillat


I hope this doesn’t bother anyone…I know that it has nothing to do with reading or books…but maybe in a way it does. It seems like everything that we are shown, everything we read, everything we watch is filled with PERFECTION!


But wait…what does perfection even mean? Why can’t we realize that we ARE ALL PERFECT?!?


In the Wedding Dare series (Hey look, I need to make this book related some how right?) poor Sophie compares herself to the other drop dead gorgeous bridesmaids and is even terrified to be a bridesmaid for this exact reason! Maybe if we could all hear and see things like Sophie coming to terms with herself and her beauty as well as Colbie Caillat’s Try we would realize that no matter what we are or how we look…we are PERFECT!


This video literally had me in tears!

Don’t get me wrong, I totally encourage everyone to make healthy choices and to live in a way that makes you happy. What I am trying to say is that it is okay to not try so dang hard all the time!


Speaking of Sophie…why don’t you enter to win the Wedding Dare series!

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