Her Heart’s Surrender

Title: Her Heart’s Surrender

Author: Allison Merritt

Published by: Three Worlds Press

Date published: April 9, 2015

Genres: Historical

Book Length: 167 pages

Steam Rating: Steamy

Main Characters: Ealasaid & Hella

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“I adored this book. I loved the story line, the historical aspect of things, the romance, the challenges they faced and the ending left me hoping for a second book! (You can’t ask for more than that!)” ~Becca

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Lost Highlander by Cassidy Cayman

Title: Lost Highlander

Author: Cassidy Cayman

Series: Lost Highlander

Published by: Little Black Cat

Date published: December 24, 2013

Genres: Paranormal, Historical

Book Length: 218 pages

Steam Rating: Steamy

Main Characters: Evie & Sam, Piper & Lochlan 

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“I thought that Cassidy Cayman did a decent job of making her time travel book unique and making me want to purchase the next one in the series.” ~Becca 

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Runaway by Renee Donne

Title: Runaway

Author: Renee Donne

Published by: Anaiah Press

Date published: July 29, 2014

Genres: Historical

Book Length: 

Steam Rating: Sweet

Main Characters: Marianne & Aaron

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 “By this point I was totally attached to Aaron with his chivalry and southern boy charm and Marianne with her sweetness and willingness to do things she never thought she would.” ~Becca

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Taming Fate by Amalia Dillin

TAMING FATE cover (666x999)Title: Taming Fatedeepbreaths4 (2.5)

Author: Amalia Dillin

Series: Fate of the Gods

Published by: World Weaver Press

Date published: June 24, 2014

Pages: 171

Genres: Adult Historical Fantasy

Steam Rating: Sweet

Main Characters: Eve & Ryam DeLeon

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it’s Dillin’s ability to create memorable characters like Eve and Ryam that will keep me reading her stories for novels to come.”

Dylan Quinn

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