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My Writing Work Space

by Amalia Dillin


When writers talk about their work space, most of the time, they talk about their desks, their offices, their computers and their bookshelves. Do they keep these areas tidy and neat, or are they messy? What do they keep in that space for inspiration? Et cetera, et cetera. And that’s entirely reasonable. Writers need a space to sit and write, ultimately, and usually a room and space set apart from the rest of one’s daily life is conducive to productivity. But for me, the set up is a little bit different.

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Taming Fate by Amalia Dillin

TAMING FATE cover (666x999)Title: Taming Fatedeepbreaths4 (2.5)

Author: Amalia Dillin

Series: Fate of the Gods

Published by: World Weaver Press

Date published: June 24, 2014

Pages: 171

Genres: Adult Historical Fantasy

Steam Rating: Sweet

Main Characters: Eve & Ryam DeLeon

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it’s Dillin’s ability to create memorable characters like Eve and Ryam that will keep me reading her stories for novels to come.”

Dylan Quinn

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