Hump Day Hottie: Reider Robert Interview


Our Hump Day Hottie this week is none other than Gunnar from the Elsker Saga

I was lucky enough to get the chance to interview the model that does S.T. Bende‘s covers!


OMG GUYS! I thought I was going to need a new keyboard from all the drool-worthy pictures on Reider Robert‘s fan page! You will definitely want to head on over there and check that out…but maybe put a plastic bag over all electronics first?


Don’t believe me?? Click here! hehe…just mmmm!


Or better yet…how about click here…that body is awesome but those EYES! Oh wow…yes please! what was I supposed to be doing? I sort of lost track of time and spent a while flipping through pictures….oh interview!


While I TRIED my best to convince Reider that the interview had to be done face to face and in the buff…for ummm…credibility purposes of course, it ended up having to be just a Facebook interview :( sorry guys! lol


Me: Do you have people recognize you from the book covers? Possibly even call you by the characters name? I know that our #GunnarPatrol people are totally obsessed with any image of Gunnar lol


Reider: Yeah, actually there are a lot of fans that recognize me because they love the author or the book that I am on the cover of! All of these people are really sweet to me, and I am happy to see that people respect my job and that they are talkative and kind to me:)


Me: How many covers have you done? You must have a multiple personality disorder by now! hehe


Reider: Yeah, I have done more than 30 covers now, I have 10,000,000 personalities :))) and also names :))


Me: How did you get into book cover modeling? I can’t help but wonder if you have to prep differently for those, or what. Do you do general photo shoots then people buy them? I am mesmerized by the idea of how book covers are done!


Reider: Well, with this cover stuff it’s a bit complicated! Actually I just do an ordinary shooting with 3,4 themes, then these pictures will get on a few web sites where people/companies can buy them and it seems like a lot of authors like my type or I don’t know what else, so that’s the story of my “cover model title”!


Me: How do you keep your body looking so…well drool worthy! We hear you’re a pretty epic athlete. What are your favorite sports?


Reider: I use to go to the gym and keep diet sometimes! I also played 5 years of basketball when I was younger and a bit of karate, tennis and boxing! But now, I only do the gym, running and boxing for cardio and live a healthy lifestyle!


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  1. ST Bende says:

    What a fun interview!! Great job, y’all!
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  2. Stacey says:

    Great interview guys! And wow, 30 covers… that’s awesome.
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