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What exactly is “Adult” fiction?


While you would think that this is an easy category to define, it actually took some time and talks with authors to come up with a good definition.


“Adult” fiction is written for, published for, and marketed to adults ages buy essay online 21 and older. Protagonists in “Adult” fiction are typically in their late 20s or older and are considered “settled”, though exceptions may apply based on genre and author. If the character is closer to 30, then it is definitely adult! 


The simplest answer to this question is this that if it isn’t YA and it isn’t NA…it is most likely “Adult”!


“Adult” and Genres:


According to RWA: “Two basic elements comprise every romance novel: a central love story and an emotionally satisfying and optimistic ending.”


While Breathless Ink focuses on the Romance genre and it’s sub-genres, the “Adult” category works like any other category of fiction. The fun thing about romance is that it can have any form of back-story or action going on, so long as there is a relationship and some sort of happily ever after (HEA) you are set! The main sub-genres that we will be covering are:

  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Science Fiction/Dystopian
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Paranormal
  • Satire/Humor
  • Erotica

While a lot of people immediately equate “Adult” fiction with erotica, that is not actually the case. The main difference between an “Adult” fiction romance and an erotica is the sexuality within the story. While most “Adult” books contain sex, not all of them are erotica.


Erotica books can and do cover a huge range of adult human sexuality. There is Erotic Romance which is a little less “hard core”. For these books on Breathless Ink we will review them but only place them on pages that are an 18+ area.


In “Adult” Romance, stories focus on the period of our lives once we have reached well…true adulthood! There are a wide range of issues to tackle in adulthood. Common themes in “Adult” fiction are sort of hard to hammer down. You may find a large variety of things: identity (yep some adults still haven’t found that), exploring sexuality (this is a biggie), affairs, race, drug/alcohol abuse, empowerment, familial struggles, fear of failure, starting a family, balancing life’s demands, etc. (You may notice that a lot of these themes are repeats of the NA category! While “Adult” books tend to be a bit more settled, it is not a given.)


Please remember that this is just a guide to what you MAY find in an “Adult” novel, never forget that every book is different and themes/issues can and do vary by genre and author. What truly makes a book “Adult” is the age of the protagonist.


Now for a little bit about the “Adult” section at Breathless Ink:


While I enjoy reading a variety of books, I often find myself reading books that fit in the NA or “Adult” categories. As with most readers, I choose the books that I read based on their blurbs as well as recommendations from friends and GoodReads. I have been known to read a book solely based on awesome cover art…but it’s rare. I, like a lot of people, have a set few authors that I adore to read and am always checking to see if they have anything new out. I am a SUCKER for a series! I just love the chance to become fully attached to a story line and a set of characters…so just know that if I get my hands on a series you will definitely be seeing the reviews for ALL of them!


Unlike some readers, I’m not scared to try out new authors. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! I have so much fun getting the chance to give something new a try. I find it so interesting to see how the writer gives life to the characters and their story, if i book can hook me within the first few chapters I am totally sold!


When a book request is made to me there are a few things I am going to be looking for:

  • Blurb- Is it short, sweet and to the point? Is it interesting? Did it make me want to use that pesky “One-Click” button on my Kindle?
  • Characters- Do the characters seem realistic? Are they interesting? Is there something to over come? Is there romance? (The last is a must on here, of course.) Would these characters fit into our MFEO (Made For Each Other) tournament? 
  • Cover Art- Is it eye catching? Is it something I would want to put on Breathless Ink?
  • Steamy-ness (Yes, I know it isn’t a word…I sort of make up words all the time, you’ll adjust!)- This one varies, I am all for a good sex scene, heck the book I’m writing has them in it. I guess the only question here is if it is written in a way that will make me drool, cringe or just skim pages until it’s done.

I may not be able to hammer down exactly what makes me pick up a book, however, those are the best reasons I can come up with. Not all books that I choose meet all of my “checks”, they are just a place to start. I love “Adult” books, most of the time I find myself laughing, crying, and yelling along with the characters and in my opinion when you find yourself so into a book that you can’t help but yell out loud at your Kindle…well that is definitely a book worth reading!


Thanks for stopping by and sharing my love of “Adult” Romance!


Welcome to Breathless Ink!


Interested in having your Adult novel reviewed by BreathlessInk? Email Becca (at) BreathlessInk (dot) com and I will get with you as soon as possible!

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