Stolen Innocents By Addison Kline

Title: Stolen Innocents

Author: Addison Kline

Series: Shadow Series (Book 2)

Publish Date: October 24th

Book Length: 464 pages

Rating: Sweet

Genre: Mystery/YA/NA

Main Characters: The Families of Elkhart

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“I implore you to check this series out. You will NOT regret it – Addison Kline is one of the best.” – Jen

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Shadow Dancer by Addison Kline

shadowdancerTitle: Shadow Dancer

Author: Addison Kline

Published by: Indie

Date published: Sept. 12, 2014

Genres: Mystery

Book Length: 394 pages

Steam Rating: Sweet

Main Characters: Tristan Morrow

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“You will experience very raw – very real emotions throughout this book. Love, hate, fear, loathing – confusion… Let it happen. Embrace this book with an open mind and an open heart. You will not regret it.” ~Jennifer

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