Once A Marine by Jennifer Apodaca


Author: Jennifer Apodaca/Lyon

Gere: Contemporary/Military

Steam rating: Steamy

Books currently in the series: 2


Sexy Marines dealing with a range of issues find the women that challenge them to be better men.

Jennifer Apodaca is generously giving away $10.00 electronic Amazon Gift Card and a digital copy of THE BABY BARGAIN and HER TEMPORARY HERO !


Title: The Baby Bargain (Once A Marine #1)


The story is simple and yet powerful. After a passionate night together after his parents funeral Adam walks away and says he isn’t coming back…little did he know he was leaving a part of himself with Megan.” ~Becca



Title: Her Temporary Hero (Once A Marine #2)


“The amount of trust, bravery and acceptance displayed in this book is amazing. I was so attached to both Becky and Logan, not to mention little sweet Sophie, so quickly that I almost got whiplash!” ~Becca



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