#MFEOTourney15 WINNERS!!



I am so very excited to announce the winners of our very first #MFEOTourney!! I still cannot believe the response that this tournament received and the love that you guys have shown to not only us but the authors who were nominated.


I cannot say THANK YOU enough for all that you guys have done!


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It’s time for the FINAL ROUND of the #MFEOTourney15!!


We are down to our top 2 in each category and I STILL cannot get over the amazing turn out for this tournament! You guys are amazing!!


**You can only vote once per round in each category!**


**Voting will run from Feb. 11th to 14th at 5pm EST**


The winners from each category will be announced and awards will be passed out (on FB of course lol) just after the polls close!!
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