Fierce by L.G. Kelso


Title: Fiercetease

Author: L.G. Kelso

Series: Whatever it Takes Series

Published by: L.G. Kelso

Date published: August, 2014

Genres: NA Contemporary Romance

Main Characters: Tori and Max

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With her life on the ropes, Tori will have to face the past for a shot at winning back her future, or carry the weight of a loss even greater than before.



Tori’s MMA career was taking off…


…until she beat the wrong man. Her training partner, nursing a bruised ego, snapped—shattering her trust and confidence.


Three years later, Tori’s keeping her fists to herself as she struggles to put herself through college. But when a group of gangbangers hassle her at work, old habits kick in and her fists fly. Max Estrada, a frequent diner customer, steps in and gets them out of hot water, but Tori is still fired… days before tuition is due.


With no other option, she’s forced to take a desk job at her old pounding grounds, where her demons still haunt the cage and the temptation to go glove-to-glove with familiar pro-fighter, Max Estrada, is too much. The sexy Colombian draws her back into the world of MMA and revives her dreams of becoming a professional face-puncher—until Will, her old partner and current Middleweight Champion, struts back into the gym. The secret they share is an unexpected liability to his career, and he’s determined to keep her silent. 


With her life on the ropes, Tori will have to face the past for a shot at winning back her future, or carry the weight of a loss even greater than before.


A Little Tease…


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I’ll admit it. As I poured the twentieth cup of coffee of the night, I decided the best birthday present would be if some idiot attempted to rob the place. Preferably without a gun, so I could beat the crap out of him.


A solid pummel. Was that too much for a girl to ask for?


Granted, keeping my fists to myself was my number one goal for the rest of my life. It fit into my failure-free life plan: college, career, marry a guy who can’t throw a punch, get old, and die. A robber could definitely throw a wrench in my plans.


I slid the coffee pot back onto its burner before handing the cup to the customer with the golden piecrust flakes peeking out from his thick, scraggly beard. He tried to hand me some change, but I shook my head.


“I got this one,” I said. It was cold out, and the least I could do was give the guy something warm to drink.


I pulled two dollars out of my pocket, and slipped them into the register.


My hand curled into a ball, relaxed, and then fisted again.


I could have tried to lie to myself and blamed my wish on current events. Tuition was due soon, and I refused to ask my parents for more money, especially since they were still paying off my hospital bills. That was why, on the night of my twenty-first birthday, I was at work and completely sober.


Twenty-first birthday. Sober. As if that right there wasn’t enough, the second semester of my junior college year was about to start and I still had zero interest in my field. However, that was a necessary life choice, albeit a crappy one. My boyfriend was “getting wild” by playing a video game back at his place, and for my birthday, he had gotten me a curling iron.


No freaking joke.


Even though we had only been dating a few months, I had known him for years. I had absolutely no idea what possessed him to think I would want a curling iron.


But I knew, deep down, that the urge to fight didn’t stem from any of those things. It simply stemmed from me.


You can read the rest of chapter one HERE

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L.G. Kelso is a fantasy and contemporary novelist. Having grown up watching Xena and Hercules with her grandmother, she inherited her passion for all things magic, paranormal and mythological. She also has a probably unhealthy obsession with martial arts, and as a boxer she strives to give readers an authentic view of MMA in her contemporary sports novels. | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | NA AlleyGoodReads | Pinterest



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